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"You amuse me, i will make you mine."

"Don’t worry, i will protect you my feeble turtle-dove"

"Why are you initiating physical contact with another woman?"

okay, i love Eska

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This scene was the best of the night.

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#because rose understands donna  #i feel like that’s something that isn’t explored enough  #she understands being stuck in a rut in life  #working dead end jobs and merely getting by and not LIVING  #she understands shouting at the world hoping that it will listen  #she’s done it all her life too  #and maybe donna’s done it longer but that doesn’t mean rose can’t understand the struggle #because that’s what her life would’ve been like if she hadn’t run off with the doctor  #and in donna’s parallel rose essentially is the doctor  #to donna she’s this mysterious figure that shows up throughout her life to try and save her  #and she always seems to know what she’s doing  #and to hear her say that it took the doctor to show her that she was something other than a shop girl  #to show her that she was brilliant  #maybe donna realizes that she has that potential too  #she just needs someone to believe in her  #and in the parallel that’s rose  #and that belief gave her the bravery to do what needed to be done and die in that parallel to save the universe (via perfectlyrose)

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Can Jo please write all of Harry’s other textbooks please and the Dumbledore biography and like every other printed word in the books she can write out every fucking copy of the daily prophet and the quibbler and I will still read it

she could write all of lockhart’s books and i would still read them

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